Veracruz: privacy-preserving collaborative compute

The Veracruz project homepage. Veracruz is an adopted project of the Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC).

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26 April 2021

Public Zoom meetings, and a new Slack channel

by The Veracruz Development Team

We have two news items:

  1. We will now be hosting public meetings every Thursday (15:00 BST/10:00 CDT) on Zoom. These hour-long meetings are intended for technical discussion with other contributors to the project. Anybody with an interest in Veracruz is free to join these meetings, which can be accessed using this link.
  2. We have now arranged for a public Slack channel to be created for the Veracruz project under the Confidential Compute Consortium’s (CCC) workspace. This Slack channel is open to everybody and can be used for informal discussion about the project, meeting other people with an interest in Confidential Compute, scoping out new features, and so on and so forth. You can get access to the channel via this link.